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I started my music career at the tender age of 14. I am a product of Hip Hop and my older brother's band. My brother learned to play the piano, and was so good that my mother bought him an old upright piano. I remember him playing everything from classical to pop and R&B.More

Meanwhile, I witnessed the emergence of Hip Hop. The legends Cool Herc, and Afrika Bambatta, gave me a whole new way of experiencing music. I practically lost my mind when I first heard break beats; Apache, The Mexican, Blow Your Head, etc... man if you don't know these jams, google them, they are Hip Hop Classics. For my 14th birthday, after begging and pleading, my Mom took me to Southern Boulevard in the South Bronx and bought me my first turntables. They were BSR beltdrives, but for me they were better than sliced bread and microwave popcorn put together. My dad later gave me a Gemini 1000 mixer and D.J. Reuby Reub was born.

As Hip Hop developed and evolved, M.C.'s' were created. Guys like Kurtis Blow, Mele Mel, Kool Moe Dee, etc... were blowing up the parks and rec centers all over the city, and I to wanted to rock the mic, but my homeboys was like "don't be greedy", so I had to pick between being a DJ or being an MC. I picked MC. Why? Girls loved MC's and I loved the girls, true story -- it was an easy choice. I developed my style and dropped the Reuby Reub name (mostly because it sucked). I changed it to MC Shian (Girls loved that name). As MC Shian, me and my boys, formed the Brass Crew - featuring the Tragic 3 MC's; Shian, Troubleman & Spikey D. Our DJ was my 1st cousin and closest friend in the world, DJ Thunderbolt. Years later I formed the duo Shian & TMC. TMC was Troubleman's little brother, and truth be told, he was better than all of us.

Hip Hop is and has always been very dear to me. In fact, it is the reason why I pursued a career in computers and learned what it is to truly love making music. At the heart and soul of everything I create is Hip Hop. All of my music is based on two things; the beat, and the energy. Hip Hop is very unique to me, because it captures the essence of a vibe and does not let it go. It just keeps coming back over and over again. It drives into your heart and soul until you become completely consumed by it's power.

I worked really hard to build a career in music and despite many successes, I never got that illusive record deal. So being the hard-headed, never take no for an answer guy that I am, I decided to make my own record company and give myself a deal. I put out my first recording as a maxi-single on vinyl. My brother played the keys and I rocked the beats and the rhymes as MC Shian. The title of the single was "Respect" and the other songs were "Payback", "Chill Mode", and "Leave Me Alone Get off My Phone". We made the top 40 beats and street jams with Sure Record Pool, and enjoyed star for a night on the DNA Hank Love show. The song "Payback" had my cousin Rudy (Lil Rahiem), and one of my closest friends ever TMC.

Since then I have produced other singles and eventually an R&B Album. Did I make it big? Nope. Did I make a profit? Yup. Am I still producing? Yup, and, "I Will Never - Ever - Stop Making Music!-- PERIOD.

At this stage of my career I will help others in their endeavor to be successful in this business as a mixdown engineer. I have excellent equipment and I know how to use it. I apply a combination of hardware and harddisk recording to make my sound. My primary tool is Universal Audio Emulation Software. You should look them up, they are amazing (www.uaudio.com). For outboard I am using the Universal Audio Apollo 16 A/D D/A Converter and the Dangerous 2-Bus Plus as my summing mixer and I am getting some really good sound between the two. I love analog sound and I am getting it with what I use. I have so many plugins that I can't even buy anymore. So in short, I've got what I need to get the job done.



I see talented producers with their laptops and headphones making pure and incredible music. They may be working on a 9 to 5. They maybe producing out of their college dorm room. They may be in high school, or even junior high, making tracks in their bedroom. Some producers are not in school at all.More

But no matter where they are in life, the one thing that they have in common is that they all are creative, enigmatic, and entertaining producers.

These producers have so much talent that anybody and everybody that hears their music encourages them to Go For It! They only have one problem, and that is that they can't obtain that really big sound that you get from Big Budgets, so the best they can do does not truly represent the full spectrum of their creativity unless they get a break.

In my vision I provide that break. I see myself mixing those potential HITS at rates so reasonable that it would be unreasonable to not let me do it. I know what it is like to produce music and not have that big sound. It Sucks! I can see how it sucks to you too. However, now I can get that big sound and I see myself doing it for other producers who was just like me, and ultimately -- I see success.



It is my mission to provide big studio sound with the little guy's budget, and help incredibly talented producers be more successful in the process. More

Making a demo is wonderful, but weak sounding demos will cost you in the long run. How? They will not give you the big money for small sound. I will give your mixes big studio sound and make your musical creations come alive. This will get you the attention and the opportunity for the MONEY that comes with profession independent productions.

I will mix for YOU, that incredibly creative producer with the laptop and headphones. You already have the key to earning a record deal which is your creativity, but the key to getting paid is Excellent Big Industry Sound. My mission is to bridge that gap. So give me your tracks and let me help you get paid.



The Hardware

Universal Audio Apollo 16
Dangerous 2-Bus Plus
PreSonus Central Station
Focal Solo6 Be Monitor
KRK 10S Subwoofer
Avantone Mix Cube


The Software


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